Creating a Fresh Living Space

Creating a Fresh Living Space

Creating the perfect living spaces in your home can be a complicated and costly business.

Creating the perfect living spaces in your home can be a complicated and costly business. While you may feel like your room could do with an update, making big changes such as replacing furniture or embarking on interior decoration can be expensive. But did you realise that it is possible to make smaller, more convenient adjustments that will make all the difference to the feel of your room?

We have compiled key tips on how to quickly transform the rooms in your home with just a few simple changes.

  1. Breathe fresh
    A house can look immaculate both inside and out but if one room smells musty it suddenly seems less than pristine. It is possible to transform your home from Smelly to Smiley and Fresh by using AmbiPur Air Effects. AmbiPur Air Effects and it’s variety of fragrances, don’t just mask or cover, but completely remove the odors from your home*
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  2. Mirror, mirror on your wall
    Smaller rooms can instantly seem bigger with the help of a well-placed mirror. To maximise its reflective properties, place a mirror between two windows to improve proportions. Long, narrow hallways and entranceways can be made to seem larger with the use of two or three large mirrors – these will add interest to the space too.
  3. De-Clutter
    Clutter draws the eye and shrinks a room. Arm yourself with some sturdy rubbish bags and be ruthless with your clutter. Put old newspapers and magazines into the recycling, and make some space on your bookshelves and DVD racks so they don’t look completely full. And increase storage space by using pretty storage boxes or small baskets – these look great and keep clutter out of sight.
  4. In the frame
    Badly hung pictures can spoil the look of an entire room. The most common mistake is to hang them too high and spread them too thinly round a room. A single wall covered with pictures has far more impact. Use the right sort of picture hooks and, if possible, get them professionally framed as this looks more effective despite costing a little more.
  5. Beautify your bedroom
    Bright, new bedding can do wonders for your personal space. You can change the look of an entire room by carefully selecting the fabrics you use. Try using crisp linens for a fresh, clean feel, and add accent pillows for style and comfort. As for patterns, why not bring the outdoors into your room with floral-designed spreads and cushions?

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