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Personalise your space by stacking your shelves with more than just bestsellers!

Keep it neat

How to prevent your bookcase from becoming an untidy stash-all…

  1. Colour co-ordinate the spines of your books to create visual impact.
  2. Instead of filling up one big bookshelf, create themed collections of books (teamed with appropriately-themed bookends) and place each collection in a different room of the house.
  3. Create a uniform look by turning the spines of your books to the wall and letting the pages face outwards. Of course, finding the book you’re looking for will be much harder this way, but perhaps leave it up to chance and make a game of it.
  4. Mix up your display by stacking some books vertically and others horizontally. Use the horizontal stack as a platform for an ornament, thus adding height and making it a focal point.
  5. Introduce an ornament or picture frame placed off-centre to add interest, but leave the odd empty section open to create some breathing space.
  6. Don’t let a beautiful cover go to waste, facing the occasional cover outwards will create mini artworks in between your collection of stacked books.
  7. Lastly, take a step back every so often to assess the overall feel and balance of your display, making adjustments until you’re happy.

Art nouvelle

Gather books that are all of fairly uniform size together, then do the unconventional and hang a favoured piece of artwork on the front of the shelf to create an element of surprise.

Bookcases with art @ Reward Me Art Nouvelle

Go small

The tiniest things can make a big impact on your shelves:


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  • Miniature paintings
  • Vintage perfume bottles
  • Ceramics and pottery
  • Pretty storage boxes
  • Curvaceous vases or jugs
  • Vintage plates
  • Black and white family portraits
Bookcases with small decorative items @ Reward Me Go small


  • An unused door way is the perfect spot for a bookcase!
  • A variety of collectibles placed between books creates a loose symmetry that keeps things interesting.
  • Stash your reads with reckless abandon, filling every nook and cranny with books stacked horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally.
  • Arrange the top and bottom shelves with books stacked in opposite directions to create interest and if your shelves are deep enough, play with layers by placing a few colourful and quirky ceramics at the front.
  • Make a visual statement with floor-to ceiling shelves that not only house your collection of reading material but also create a wallpaper effect.

Did you know?

When books grew more popular towards the end of the 16th century and started being stored vertically instead of stacked, bookends were used to prevent library books from falling on peoples’ heads!

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