8 Dish Washing Hacks You Need

8 Dish Washing Hacks You Need

By hand or with the dishwasher, these tricks will make the task much easier.

Despite the advantages of using electric dishwashers for washing dishes, opinions still vary. I have cousins who still think like my grandmother: the best way to wash dishes is by hand. I, however, believe that the dishwasher is one of the best inventions in the history of man.

Of course, there are those that say that some pieces must be washed by hand, that glassware and plates come out with spots, that a lot of water is wasted during the pre-wash and that only washing them by hand will you be sure that everything is clean. I say that we're doing something wrong if we face these little problems when washing dishes.

This is what I do so that my dishes, crystal, and flatware are always shiny with minimum effort:

1. I rinse and clean as I cook. I don't leave dirty utensils, bowls, pots or pans: I rinse them off and put the dirty ones in the dishwasher.

2. I generally wash pots and pans by hand. To do this, I soak them in warm water and some drops of Dawn dish soap. After a short while, everything loosens up, the grease comes off, and washing dishes is a breeze.

3. When clearing the table, everyone in my house is trained to give the dishes a quick rinse. If bits of food remain, they just wipe them off with Bounty paper towels. By doing this, I save the pre-wash, use less water than when I wash the dishes myself and save on electricity.

4. I load the largest and heaviest items on the bottom of the dishwasher. The mugs, glasses, and dessert plates on top. Plastic items also go on top. I categorize the flatware when washing it so that it's easier to put away.

5. I generally use stainless steel flatware, but on rare occasions when I use silver, I never mix them so they don't get stained.

6. In order to avoid the pre-wash and to prevent spots from forming on the glassware and flatware, there's no better dishwasher soap than Cascade Premium.

7. When I say glassware, I mean glasses made of thick glass for everyday use. I wash my crystal by hand with a solution comprised of water with Dawn. I'm careful to clean the edges with a sponge. I rinse them with warm water and I leave them out to dry on Bounty paper towels.

8. Whenever something is washed by hand, I'm the one who does it. I never wash dishes without gloves. Since I don't like latex ones because they dry my hands, I use ones that are latex-free.

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