8 Carpet Cleaning Tricks That Work like Magic.

8 Ways To Clean Carpets & Rugs

You can’t control when the next drop or spill will stain your carpet. What you can control is how you react and what you do to get rid of it.

Be it coffee, wine and curry stains or merely dust and dirt build-up, your carpets, owing to their unique textures, need a little extra care and attention to keep them clean. But here’s the thing; giving your carpet TLC without knowing if you’re doing the carpet cleaning correctly is a complete waste of time and energy. Yes, itis essential you know the most optimal ways to clean your carpets, else you will always be reliant on expensive professional help to get it done. Which is why, we’ve listed 8 carpet cleaning tips you can use to make even the most stubborn stains vanish;like magic.

1. Deal with spills ASAP

A spill only becomes a stain if it isn’t dealt with instantly. If you don’t have your carpet cleaner at hand when the spill happens, simply use some tissues or kitchen roll to soak it up.Dab; don’t rub. Because if you do, the spill will further get absorbed by the carpet.

2. Vacuum before cleaning

Remove dust and surface grime before you decide to wash those carpets. Thisway your carpet washer won’t choke up.

3. Use the right solution

Never opt for a solution that claims to work for every kind of carpet; that’s a sham. Every carpet is unique and requires a specific and specially-formulated carpet cleaning solution. Choose the wrong one and it will end up leaving behind a sticky residue, making your carpet a hub for more dirt.

4. Pre-treating

Prior to carpet cleaning, try using a pre-treatment cleaning solution; this will break down stubborn stains before you get to the cleaning part. Simply spray your pre-treatment solution onthe problem areas and leave it on for a few minutes. Then start cleaning.


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5. Begin far from your door

Start cleaning your carpet from a corner that’s furthest from your door and then work your way towards the door. Common sense? You know what they say about how common it is right!

6. Straight lines

If you want your carpet super clean, use your carpet cleaner in parallel strokes. Go at a steady pace for best results.

7. Don’t over-soak

Soaking your carpet doesn’t guarantee a cleaner one. Only use 3 to 4 ‘wet’ strokes per problem area. You should always use more ‘dry’ strokes than wet strokes.

8. Wash regularly

Yes, you may vacuum your carpet every day but you still have to wash it regularly. Why? Well, a lot of dirt that gets wedged in-between the fibres can’t be sucked up by your vacuum cleaner.

Clean your carpets correctly and they will return the favour by being durable and soft for years to come. It’s a simple matter of give and take!

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