7 tips to dress happy this summer

7 Tips to Dress Happy This Summer

Our checklist for how to dress with confidence.

The way we dress can have a big impact on our confidence and how we feel. But it’s unique to everyone! We’ve pulled together our dos and don’ts on what to wear this summer – but what would yours be?

DO dig out your trusted favourites
Just because the seasons and trends have changed, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon your favourite, classic pieces. You may find that wearing old favourites will remind you of good times past and inspire you. Always remember to invest in classic pieces too – they never go out of fashion.

DO care for your clothes
There’s nothing more annoying than realising that one of your favourite items of clothing no longer feels as good as it used to. To ensure this doesn’t happen, make sure you use Ariel in each of your washes. Not only will your clothes smell lovely and fresh, but they will feel beautifully soft and comfortable too!

DON’T wear uncomfortable shoes
It’s a lesson we all know we should follow – we have all been there. You put on a new pair of shoes and later in the evening you can hardly walk due to your sore feet. If you want to feel your best, make sure your shoes don’t hold you back.

If you have a new pair of shoes you need to get used to – walk around the house in them for a few days to break them in. For leather shoes, try rubbing petroleum jelly into the inside to loosen the fit.

DO be bright and bold
Just because it’s sometimes grey and dull outside, it doesn’t mean your summer clothes need to be too. Take a look at our Colour Wheel article that shows which colours go together to help you decide what to wear. Try out shades you wouldn’t normally wear together and see what you think. You can easily change your outfit if you feel it’s not quite right.

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Make sure you take care of the colour in your clothes too, use a detergent such as Ariel Actilift to help keep colour bold and your whites bright.

DON’T panic and over pack
When it comes to packing for your holiday, we sometimes make the mistake of packing items which we will just never wear. Really think about what will make you feel comfortable and relaxed on your holiday – there’s no point in packing a dress you have been promising yourself to wear all year, just to let it sit in your suitcase.

DO dress for success
Have an important meeting at work or an upcoming parents' evening? Wear something that makes you feel empowered, the difference an item of clothing can make to your confidence can change how people perceive you in the workplace or playground.

DON’T worry about being the centre of attention
Clothes can send out any message you want – don’t be afraid to make sure everyone is looking at you for all the right reasons. Be brave with colour and wear whatever makes you feel happy!

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