7 Better Ways to Hoard. If You Must, That Is.

7 Better Ways to Hoard. If You Must, That Is.

It’s amazing how much junk we accumulate over the years. And while we may not even have looked at most items for eons, or even remember that we have them, we shun the thought of disposing these “just in case we need it someday”.

We always have two options in every situation. And storage is no exception. We can just go about increasing the storage space in our houses and filling our drawers and cupboards to burst capacity, or we can combat clutter by using these items in unexpected and interesting ways. Choose the latter option and you won’t regret it. And if your home could talk, it would thank you for it.

1. Use decorative jewellery or other boxes to create in-drawer divided storage for pens, lipsticks, medicine, bills, coins, chargers or whatever it is that clutters your drawer. Ever heard of the phrase ‘Divide and Rule’? Well, this is the positive connotation of that phrase right here!

2. This is one of the quirkier kitchen storage ideas; add an additional shelf above your kitchen window for cookbooks, vases, or other items. This is one of the most underutilized spaces that is just waiting to be turned into something useful. So, don’t disappoint eh!

3. Place shower hooks on a cupboard rod or door and hang purses and scarves. Who says shower hooks can only be used in the shower? This is also extremely convenient because you won’t have to sift through tons of stuff just to grab your purse and scarf when you’re in a hurry.

4. Dispense plastic grocery bags with ease by stuffing empties into an old tissue box stored under the sink. Yes, that old tissue box is useful for more than just holding tissues. And there’s nothing quite as convenient as a plastic grocery bag dispenser is there?


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5. Colourful ribbons leftover from gifts can be repurposed to make interesting cord ties and curtain ties. This is one of those ingenious ideas that’s right under your nose waiting to be discovered. As obvious as it is, there’s nothing quite like sprucing up your curtains with ribbons. It’s like giving your home a small makeover as a present!

6. Convert a door rack or hangers to hang frequently used necklaces; this also helps them stay tangle-free. And not just that, since you are going to use these necklaces often, why would you want to spend hours hunting for them? Just keep them where you can easily spot them.

7. In the bathroom, invert shelves with brackets to store towels, diffusers and other loose items for a sweet look. Yes, this is one of those bathroom storage ideas that’s sweet and useful too. So, win-win!

While you learned 7 really cool storage solutions today, the bigger lesson to be learnt here is that all it takes is a bit of creativity and imagination to get the most out of anything in life!

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