6Easy Tips to Free Your Fabrics from Foul Odours.

6 Easy Ways to get Fresh & Odour-Free Laundry

Embarrassing and annoying, smelly clothes are the bane of our existence. While there is no real way to prevent clothes from stinking, there are ways in which you can wash away the odour and get fragrant and fresh laundry.

Be it body odour that refuses to go or musty smells that seep into clothes that have been stored away, sometimes your clothes stink to high heavens and basic washing just won't eliminate the smell. When the normal washing cycle simply won’t cut it, use one of these simple yet effective methods for odour removal.

#1 Rinse away build up: Detergent build up causes clothes to smell awful. While your regular wash cycle tries hard to remove all traces of detergent, every once in a while restart your wash cycle and let your clothes soak in detergent-free water and go through the entire wash cycle.

#2 Warm water: Hot water ensures mild spores are killed and acts as a fabric odour eliminator.Put the smelly clothes in the washing machine with the usual amount of detergent. Fill the washer with hot water and let the clothes soak for about 15 minutes before the cycle begins. If you're washing fabric that can't be washed in hot water, use cold water but this would require more than one wash to get rid of the smell.

#3 Baking soda:Placing the garment on a clean surface, sprinkle a fine layer of baking sodaall over. Turn over and repeat. Leave overnight. Next morning, shake well and remove excess traces of baking soda with a soft brush. Hang it outside for the rest of the day and rejoice as the smell disappears.


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#4 Bleach: Bleach is effective in removing mould and mustiness. It is safe on towels, sheets and socks. Pour half a cup of bleach in a large bucket of water and mix. Soak the musty clothes for 20 minutes. Wash with detergent as usual.

#5 Vinegar:Adding 1/2 a cup of white vinegar with your laundry detergent when you wash your clothes really gets rid of any odours that tend to stick to the clothes. You can also use vinegar in your post-wash rinse by adding 1 cup of white vinegar. This will neutralize any odour in the clothing and will also remove any residue left behind by the detergent. Vinegar also acts as an amazing fabric freshener and softener.

#6 Sunlight:The easiest way to kill bacteria is by drying your clothes out in the sun. This will also make them smell fresh. Place them in an area that receives enough sunlight and breeze.

If you still have no luck and your clothes are smelly as ever, consider getting professional help to kill the odour.

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