Kitchen secrets: 6 easy ways to reduce your dishwashing time

Kitchen secrets: 6 easy ways to reduce your dishwashing time

Who has time to spend all day in the kitchen washing dishes? We’ll show you how to avoid it!

Cut down on the hours you spend washing dishes and have more time to do the things you really love. 

1. Designate a ’dirty dish’ spot

When dishes are dirty, stack them in one area near the sink so they aren’t left all over the place for you to collect later.

2. Stock up on the right kit

Invest in a dishwashing soap or liquid, dishwashing rack, cleaning brush, non-scratch sponges and gloves.  

3. Turn up the heat

Be sure to wash with hot water. This breaks down grease and avoids smearing, plus the heat also helps dry dishes quicker.


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4. Scrape dishes first

As soon as you’re finished eating, remove and throw away (or compost) any food and oil from the dish.

5. Soak, soak, soak!

For stubborn stains and food build-up, soak dishes in hot water and Fairy liquid while you get on with other jobs.

6. Clean glasses first

By cleaning the greasiest items last, you won’t get the other items greasy – and you’ll get through it all in just one go.

What are your dishwashing tricks? Share your time saving tips with us below.

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