6 Tips to Clean and Organize Your Fridge

6 Tips to Clean & Organize Your Fridge

Experience the benefits of a clean fridge with these helpful tips!

We recently got a new refrigerator. At first it looked big, but in reality it's not that spacious on the inside. I learned to take advantage of the small space which gave me a pain in the head — as well as in the pocketbook. It felt like I needed a PhD to figure out how not to forget what I had on hand and where I had stored it.

The tips I discovered have been really useful, and I realized they were saving me money each month, both on the electricity bill and in the supermarket. Here they are:

1. Don't mix different types of food. There's a reason there are two drawers – one for dairy products, like the fresh cheeses we love, and one for vegetables. Ideally, remove things from their packaging or bags and instead put them into sealable bags or, even better, transparent vacuum sealed containers.

2. Avoid food touching the interior walls of the fridge. Imagine the fridge as a box in which cold air can circulate. It's important that things inside are not piled up on one side, and if possible, they shouldn't touch any of the interior walls of the fridge. This way everything is kept perfectly cold and will last longer, in addition, it helps the fridge compressor not have to work so hard.

3. Don't keep it too full, or too empty. In both cases the refrigerator wastes too much energy.


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4. Organize the food by type and date of expiration. If you have two cartons or jugs of milk, put the one that will expire first in front of the other one. I recommend the same for juices and even tortillas. In my fridge I put colored labels on things to know which will expire soon and which I should use first. You have no idea how much money I've saved with this system! (And I've avoided unpleasantness in dealing with rancid or expired foods!)

5. Put the things children eat where they can reach them. Little juices, fruits and cheese sticks are the types of things I keep inside a plastic container on the bottom of the refrigerator. The kids can pull out the whole box to get what they want and then put it back. This has helped avoid drama and unnecessarily keeping the fridge doors open, (which costs more money as the cold air is lost and the compressor must work harder.)

6. Always keep the fridge clean. A dirty fridge isn't just unhygienic, in this case it's synonymous with contamination, and it also removes the desire to cook. I love to put paper towels on the shelves where the things the kids grab most are located; this helps avoid the spreading of anything they spill which could stain everything.

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