5 tips to welcome guests for a memorable overnight stay

5 Tips For Hosting A Memorable Overnight Stay For Your Guests

Inviting guests into your home involves more than providing a comfortable place to sleep, you have to make their stay memorable. You have to make them feel welcome. Here are a few tips on how, but be prepared, your guests might not want to leave... especially, if Lenor is your cohost.

Decorate Sparingly
Comfort, space and scents are more soothing in a new environment than unfamiliar ’junk’ (what is valuable to you might be junk for others). Place a single flower bloom in a simple glass, add a nice clock, and a selection of books, or music suited to your guests' tastes. Also put in some nice scented candles, and make sure everything is freshly washed with a long lasting crispy scent from Lenor. Also, make sure that you place spring water and a few snacks in the room for your guests.

Room, Closets and Drawers
Choose the guest room carefully, and make sure there is adequate closet and drawer space. Supply a variety of hangers, and make certain there is a full-length mirror. A desk is always nice with papers and pen on it.

The Right Pillows and Sheets
Use cotton or linen sheets, ironed. Provide both light and heavy blankets. With Lenor, you can give the sheets a long-lasting and comforting scent. Careful, they might be late for breakfast, because they don’t want to leave their lovely smelling new bed for a while.


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Add Warmth
For visitors during the coldest months, think of putting out extra blankets, soft and wonderfully smelling thanks to Lenor.

If the bathroom is shared, clear space in it for guests' toiletries, supply clean and wonderfully smelling soft cotton towels. Lenor, here as well, can do the magic for you by combining luxury treatment with coziness and warmth.

Do you know why scented sheets and towels are so important? Because whenever your guests will smell that scent or a nice perfume close to it, even years later, it will remind them of the great times at your place. Your hospitality will become a happy memory that will stay with them forever.

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