5 Areas You Should Always Keep Organized

5 Areas You Should Always Keep Organized

Explore the essential tips for how to keep these important areas orderly.

Housekeeping 101
Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough time in the day to ensure everything is flawless when it comes to housekeeping. But spending a few minutes to make sure certain areas are maintained will help create a look and feel that is pretty close. By keeping a few key spaces neat and orderly, the daily chores of cleaning up and de-cluttering can be a little less stressful and time-consuming.

1. Closet
Looking at an orderly closet each morning will help start your day off on the right foot by easing your morning prep rituals. Keep 30-minute appointments with yourself to de-clutter and organize your closet clothing by color, recommends Ellen R. Delap, Houston-based certified professional organizer and owner of Professional-Organizer.com. “Keep only what makes you look and feel fabulous,” says Delap, a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. “With an organized closet, every morning you are happily getting ready for the day and easily getting everyone else out the door.”

2. Kitchen Counters
Reserve these spaces for the purpose they were intended: preparing food and eating. Resist the temptation to dump junk mail, receipts or notepaper on them. If you must keep odds and bits on the counter, use baskets or bins to harness these items, suggests Nancy Nemitz, a certified professional organizer and owner of Create the Space Professional Organizing, LLC, in Mesa, Ariz. “You’ll feel so much better when your counters are free of clutter.”

3. Children’s Bedrooms, Bathrooms
Prevent these potential disaster areas from looking like a tornado blew through them by encouraging kids to keep clothes and towels off the floor. “Children will use hooks more readily than hangers and towel bars,” Nemitz says. “Install hooks in the bathroom and in the children’s rooms for the next day’s clothes and PJ’s.”


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4. Master Bathroom Counters
Keeping this space as clear as possible not only de-clutters but also makes wiping down and cleaning up easier. Go through what’s there and discard products you don’t use or are old and expired, including prescription medication and bottled cosmetics. “Women use very few products every day yet keep dozens of products on hand that take up valuable space,” Nemitz says.

5. Make Your Bed
If you’re in the habit of skipping this morning step, certified professional organizer Mary Dykstra suggests you reconsider. Not only does it set a good example for your children, but it also makes daily chores easier. “Having a cleared or made bed provides a great space to sort and fold laundry and to lay out a week’s worth of outfits,”

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