Unbelievable But True! 4 Expert Tips That Make Bathroom Cleaning A Dream.

Unbelievable But True! 4 Expert Tips That Make Bathroom Cleaning A Dream.

Whether you’re germ phobic or just plain OCD, there’s no pleasure to cleaning a bathroom. But you can make it easier with these few tricks and tips the service industry relies upon to make it quick and spotless.

In today’s world, the bathroom is more than just a place where you do your business and exit. For some, it is a private space, an escape to day dream or complete a beauty regime or anything in between. But the bathroom is also the one room that is most susceptible to germs which makes it imperative to clean and disinfect it regularly, preferably every day.

Housekeeping personnel in the hotel or service industry usually have closely guarded cleaning secrets which help them clean a bathroom with minimal time and effort.  We bring you four of these expert bathroom cleaning tips.

1. Wash Basins

From toothpaste to shaving foam, hair and food particles, your wash basin bears the brunt of your beauty and hygiene regimes.  To rid it of its burden, plug the basin and pour some liquid cleanser or phenol into it. Let it stay for a few minutes; this will loosen the dirt and grime. Then scrub thoroughly with a brush and rinse the basin. Repeat if necessary.

Expert Tip: Coconut shells or coconut hair also make good natural scrubbers as they effectively reach every nook and corner.

2. Floor and Wall Tiles

These are the toughest to clean due to the grime and dirt that accumulate on them. If you’re wondering how to clean bathroom tiles easily, you could always check the market for a tough cleaning solution. Alternatively, if you’re averse to strong chemicals and prefer green solutions, you could easily make one at home. The simplest recipe for making your own tile cleansing solution is a diluted mixture of vinegar and baking soda in water. Spray this on the tiles and leave for a minute before wiping off with a damp microfiber cloth. Vinegar is a great degreaser, while the baking soda scours the surface and eliminates odours. A homemade solution is chemical-free and skin-friendly. But remember, wear rubber gloves to protect your skin and test a small part of the cleaning solution, whether natural or chemical, on a small area to ensure it does no damage to the tiles.

Expert Tip: To get the grime off easily and thoroughly, run the shower on a high temperature for a while before the cleaning, as the heat will loosen the grime and make it easier to clean. Tile grout can also be scrubbed off using an old toothbrush.


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3. Toilet Bowl

Wondering if those dirty brown and yellow stains in your toilet bowl are water marks or something you’d rather not know? These are usually caused by hard water and are stubborn to remove. Toilet bowls are usually made of porcelain which is prone to picking up and retaining such stains. But bleach is a potent cleaning agent which knows just how to whip the stubbornness out of stains. Just pour half a cup of dry bleach powder into the toilet bowl and keep for a couple of hours (do not use the toilet during this time). When you see the stains have disappeared, flush away. An alternative natural toilet cleaner is vinegar; pour three cups of vinegar into the toilet bowl and scrub the stains with a toilet brush and flush.

4. Mirrors

Want a prettier picture of yourself? Keep your mirror squeaky clean and you will. If you’ve been using the tried and tested newspaper, here are some more home solutions that work even better.

Mix 1/3 cup clear ammonia in 1 gallon warm water and sponge or spray directly onto the mirror. Buff with a lint-free cloth, or paper towel. You could substitute the ammonia with vinegar. You could also directly dab vinegar onto the mirror and wipe with a newspaper till dry. Then wipe with a clean soft cloth or microfiber cloth.

Start at the top left corner and drag the cloth across to the top right corner, then back to the left side and so on in a zig zag manner till you get to the bottom of the mirror. This not only helps you cover every square inch of the mirror but also helps eliminate streaks and saves you energy.

Remember, always wipe your bathroom dry and do not leave any water around. Stagnant water breeds germs and this would put all your effort to waste. Now that you’re done with the chore, it’s time to get back to the fun stuff. 

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