30 minute home improvement

Home renovation made easy with these quick but effective ideas.

You don’t have to move house to get the wow factor in your home, just use bold interior design ideas and tackle rooms one at a time rather than putting off what might seem like a bigger, impossible task.

Change the focus of your home interiors – move the sofa and the TV to different positions in the lounge. You’ll be amazed how this changes your perspective of a room you use all the time.

If you have room for a table in your kitchen, make a virtue of this space as a ‘dining room’. Using lighting (a low-hanging ceiling light or a well-positioned freestanding lamp next to your table and chairs) to create a ‘restaurant’ feel and to make this space feel different from the rest of the kitchen.


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If your tiles are looking rather old and tired, simply re-grout them. Carefully dig out the old grout with a grout rake (these cost less than £5 at any big DIY store), making sure you don’t chip your tiles. Then mix up some new grout (go for a waterproof grout, again very cheap), apply it between your tiles and easily wipe off the excess. Even if you didn’t put up your original tiles, this is an easy job and will make your bathroom sparkle.

Rethink your lighting design. Many of us have a main light and bedside lamps, but by adding an extra freestanding lamp or safe, wallmounted candle holders, you can make your bedroom feel more relaxing and ‘loungey’ in the evenings.

Liven up kids bedroom furniture with just a few stencil patterns you can paint on together. Buy a huge poster map of the world and pin it up, or if you have solid plaster walls, clean one of them down and paint it with blackboard paint, then encourage the kids to get creative with chalks.

Savvy tip
Switch your living room curtains for full-length drapes and create an immediate dramatic effect. You don’t have to spend a fortune on home décor – even if you’re not great at making curtains yourself, places like IKEA do long curtains very affordably because they aren’t lined, so all you have to do is buy two pairs and layer them. Easy and cheaper than regular full-length curtains.

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