7 Tips To Clean Leather & Suede Shoes

Suede, though a form of leather, demands a different and specific set of cleaning techniques in comparison to leather.

Everything from upholstery and jackets to shoes and handbags are made of suede. It has an amazing aesthetic texture, which is why it is in such high demand. However, it is this very difference in its texture that makes it rather tough to clean when it gets stained.

While you may take extremely good care, stains are inevitable. That is why knowing how to clean suede leather shoes and your other suede goodies is essential. Presenting 3 simple techniques you can use to clean stains on suede.

1. Using a soft towel, rub your suede gently so as to get back some of its soft and fuzzy texture. Now the next part is crucial; take an eraser (yes you read right!) and slowly and gently rub it over the stained areas. Lo and behold, you will notice the dry stains fading!

2. But what if the stain is wet? No worries. In that case, all you have to do is absorb the wetness using a paper towel. We advise you not to use a stain remover as it could damage the texture of your suede.

3. If suede shoes are what you’re looking to clean then white vinegar is your friend. Soak a wet cloth in a small quantity of white vinegar and gently rub your shoed with it. That done, let it dry in the sun.

4. We would urge you to not ignore suede stains for long and address them as soon as they happen. This is because with time the stains tend to become a lot more permanent. And what’s permanent isalso nearly impossible to remove.

5. A suede brush is an excellent tool to rub away spills before they turn into stains. What’s more, it helps remove dust and debris too.

6. Alcohol is also known to work wonders in cleaning your suede belongings. Dip a cloth in alcohol, similar to how we advised you to use vinegar earlier, and gently rub the suede. While alcohol sometimes works better than vinegar and almost always evaporates quicker, take care not to abuse it because it can damage your suede.

7. Always remember to treat your suede in a well-ventilated area. This way, you prevent the air surrounding it from getting saturated with chemicals. Also, don’t forget to give your suede belongings enough time to dry.

Sophisticated and suave; these are the thoughts you want people to think when they look at your suede. Another thing you can do to ensure you suede shoes or couch get cleaned is to thoroughly vacuum them every once in a while. Getting makeup stains off your clothes is as difficult as removing stains from leather and suede. Read 6 tips to remove makeup stains from your clothes here.Read quick & easy home upkeep tips here.

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