5 Solutions To Remove Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are miniscule and can practically fit into any crevice with ease. Which is why, you will need to do a lot more than simply spray pesticides to exterminate them permanently. You will need to outsmart them.

It is no secret that many of the bed bug killing pesticides advertised in the media today are only partially effective in actually getting rid of them. What’s more, Aerosol ‘bug bombs’ and ‘fumigators’ only work when the insects are exposed; not when they are hidden under carpets, in walls, inside sockets and behind baseboards.

However, these 5 tips will not only teach you how to get rid of bed bugs but they will also offer an integrated bed bugs solution that truly works.

1. Unclutter

Clutter is to bed bugs what a candy store is to kids. Only when you unclutter your home will the bed bug treatment actually work. Stop hoarding, and throw away or donate stuff you don’t use. Everything that you’re holding on to should be segregated into small piles to limit hiding places for bed bugs and to give you enough space to start vacuuming.

2. Vacuum

A thorough vacuuming session will not only help you eliminate bedbugs but it will also help you uncover their hiding places. Furniture, flooring, mattresses, curtains and any other place you can think of needs to be vacuumed.

3. Heat-clean fabrics

One of the best insights you can get about bed bugs is that they are super sensitive to heat. So, to kill the critters, dry all fabrics like bed sheets, clothes, curtains, pillows, pillow cases etc. And remember to be extremely meticulous when you do so; leave no crease untreated.

4. Lightly spray insecticide

Use insecticide mist to clean each and every one of your household items. These include bed frames, tables, chairs, sofas, shelves, cabinets, mattresses, fixtures, wall units, your walls, windows and anything else you can think of. Also, don’t leave out your kitchen and bathrooms. Bed bugs are flat and can usually squeeze into the tiniest places, which is why every crack and crevice should be sprayed.

5. Steam treatment.

Bed bugs and their eggs die the moment they come in contact with steam. Which is why, this is a very effective technique in killing them. What’s more, steam can reach corners, cracks and crevices that you manually will never be able to. A high temperature and a strong vapour flow are essential when you’re steaming. Once again, steam everything; leave nothing to doubt. So, steam everything from your carpets and furniture to fixtures and cabinets.

Suffice to say, with these 5 tips and tricks under your sleeve, those crafty critters won’t get in your house and on your nerves anymore.Also, check out different mosquito repellent plants that will help to keep mosquitoes at bay.

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