6 life lessons your teen girl will learn from sports

6 life lessons your teen girl will learn from sports

Are you considering signing up your girl up for swimming classes but you’re not totally convinced yet? Is your daughter unsure about whether she should try out for the soccer team? Take the leap and get sporty: here are 6 fabulous life lessons your teen will learn from her sports!

Whether it’s team or individual, outdoors or indoors, competitive or recreational, sport has something for everyone. From the soccer field to the swimming pool, your kids stand to make great gains from including sport into their life. In many ways sport is just a microcosm of real life, and probably the best way to help them prepare for what’s to come!

6 Life Lessons To Be Learnt From Sports:

Lesson 1: Goal setting

Setting goals, and working towards them is a learned behaviour, one that leads to great gains later in life. From breaking down skills to more complicated strategy and manoeuvers, sports are the perfect training ground for goal setting.

Lesson 2: And if at first you don’t succeed… try and try again

Whether your teenager reaches their goal or not, they stand to gain a lot from the process. Perseverance, the ability to get up again once you get knocked down, is probably the most useful life lesson any of us could learn. Dealing with rejection and disappointment within this context will teach your teen to dust themselves off and give it another go!

Lesson 3: Learning to Lead

Great leadership cannot be taught from a book. It is learnt out in the field, the hard way. Sports is full of opportunities for hard-won leadership lessons, skills that will last a lifetime.

Lesson 4: Learning to Follow


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And yet, even more important that learning to lead, is finding out how to be part of a team, and learning how to follow. From taking directions from a coach, to following a team-mates lead, this is a top life skill for your teen.

Lesson 5: It’s OK to make mistakes

Not matter what the level of competition, one thing is certain: everyone makes mistakes. And you know what? Making mistakes is incredibly liberating. On top of that, finding out that you can learn from your mistakes is an excellent life lesson! 

Lesson 6: She can do anything she puts her mind to

It can be tough for a girl in a boy-dominated sports field. Many girls quit sport during puberty, at a time when they stand to gain most from getting involved and staying active. The best way for your daughter to learn that being a girl puts no limits to what she can do, is to keep playing the sports she loves! The new-found confidence she gains in the field will translate to other areas of her life too.

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