Fresh Ways To Celebrate Father's Day

Fresh Ways To Celebrate Father's Day


Cards and breakfast in bed are lovely, but why not try one of these different ways to say ‘Thank you, Daddy’ this year with these activities and gift ideas?

Father’s Day ideas for young children

King for a Day – let the children dress up daddy’s favourite armchair up as a throne and wake him up with a mug of coffee and a homemade crown. Encourage the kids to treat daddy like a ‘king’ and offer to carry out his every wish. It might only last until lunchtime, but its lots of fun.

Super Dad

Father’s Day ideas for older children

Daddy championships – get the kids to devise a day of challenges and games, with a little medal or trophy to win at the end of it. Pick board games, computer games and maybe a few silly races in which the little ones can pit their talents against Dad. But don’t forget, Father’s Day should be a bit relaxing, so don’t make him break a sweat!

Treat box – get the children to find an empty shoebox, decorate it with wrapping paper, and then fill it with things they know Dad loves, from little bags of sweets to his favourite newspaper. Father’s day presents don’t have to be expensive, the secret is to find gifts he really loves.

Father’s Day idea for teenagers

Make lunch – Father’s Day presents are a lovely idea but why not also encourage your teenagers to cook a meal? It sounds simple but seeing the kids make an effort to cook is a real pleasure for mum or dad. They might need some help with preparing a roast, or they can make another favourite dish of Dad’s if that’s easier.

Savvy tip
Take a photo of the kids and Dad doing one of their fun Father’s Day activities together, print it out and make a memento card to give him at the end of the day.

Pass it on – Father’s Day idea for grown-ups
Share memories and create a great keepsake– film yourself and any brothers and sisters recounting childhood memories. Even 5 minutes is great! Most computers have good, basic film editing programmes but if that sounds too daunting, simply record to your phone and transfer it to iTunes or record direct to your computer if it has a webcam, then burn this file onto a recordable DVD (these are really cheap). Put a photo of you and Dad on the sleeve.

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