Why crawling causes sleep disturbances

Why crawling causes sleep disturbances

Discover why mobility, freedom and exploration are challenging for a baby and can cause short-lived anxiety that lead to sleep disturbances.

Mobility, freedom and exploration are challenging for a baby and can cause short-lived anxiety. If babies feel unsettled, they may find it difficult to sleep. Stick to the established rules, provide lots of reassurance, and these disturbances won't last long.

Changes in his sleep patterns are common once a baby starts crawling. As the baby’s social world expands and she learns to move around alone, she is less dependent on you for her every need.
But these new beginnings of independence can be accompanied by fears about the prospect of being separated from the principal person who provides him/her with love and security. Basically, he/she is torn between her natural urge to explore everything combined with her lack of confidence about the implications of her newly found freedom. This anxiety may sometimes affect the baby’s sleep, particularly if it awakens to find itself alone.

If you find your baby stirring during sleep, wait and make sure that it is not simply passing from one sleep phase to another. If you go to reassure it, keep the lights dimmed and just stroke it gently, preferably without talking. Usually, during this period, any disturbances in sleep patterns are relatively short-lived, so approach your baby with a positive outlook and a little amount of patience


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i have experienced dis wid my baby too. whenerevr he's restless during nights i kep an arm around him ensuring no weight is on him. he cuddles to me side and sleep peacefully. it was difficult iniatially but now things have settled.

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