The Day I Found Out What Being a Mom Really Meant

What day did I find out what being a mom really meant?

I morphed into Mom-mode the second I found out I was pregnant.

I dramatically tossed the diet cola I had been sipping on with dinner and immediately searched the medicine cabinet for a prenatal vitamin to force-swallow. I wasn't concerned about my welfare, but the welfare of my baby. I'm sure this is a familiar story to every mom out there, but it was an immediate brain shift that – years later – has not yet left me.

It's just not one defining moment – it's defining moment after defining moment.

Like when my husband Jack ran to the store the day after we came home from the hospital with our eldest daughter. I looked at her. She blinked at me. I realized that I was completely and totally responsible for her. It was an overwhelming feeling, but also a gift. I was afraid to pull a onesie over her head or change her diaper without having my husband nearby. (Three children later and I can change a baby on my lap, in the dark, while playing the harmonica.)

Sometimes, the defining moment is a scary one. Remmy was 15 months old, sitting in her high chair and we were feeding her baby carrots and hummus. I looked up and noticed that a rash started to appear on her face, or maybe the kitchen light was playing tricks with my brain.

"Does her face look red to you?"



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I looked at her and a feeling within me told me that something was very, very wrong. I grabbed the phone to call Remmy's pediatrician, but in the end I called 911. By the time I hung up the phone, Remmy's face had turned bright red, hives spread across her body and her eyes were almost swollen shut. I rode with her on the ambulance and was incredibly thankful for the instinctual urge to react. Turns out, Remmy is severely allergic to sesame, a common ingredient in hummus. (We now carry around epinephrine autoinjectors and allergy medicine, just in case.)

I became a mom of two when Remmy was 17 months old. And then a mom of three. Each time was exhilarating and beautiful and scary. The realization of knowing that these three little humans fully depended on me would occasionally have me reeling.

Today I was sitting on the floor, playing with my youngest daughter, Minnie, when the front door swung open. Jack had picked up Remmy and Sophie from preschool, and the two of them bustled through the door – dropping coats and lunchboxes – and kicking off their shoes to come wrap me in a big hug.

Much noise. Much yelling. A very welcome mom moment.

Each new day brings new experiences, new challenges – and new victories. I learn and grow just as much as my daughters do.

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