8 Tips To Follow To Avoid Impulse Buy During Season's Sales

We love season sales, not just because of today’s economy, but because that can be the smartest way to shop. But you need to have the wits. Here is how.

  1. You don’t have to anticipate trends – you know your taste, you can anticipate how much your children will grow until next year, so sales are a great opportunity to buy next season’s basics at a great price.
  2. Always check your wardrobe first! What is it that you really need? Have a list, and promise not to buy anything else.
  3. Also check, how smart you can be with your wardrobe, sometimes you have it all in there, forgotten pieces that just need a bit of D-I-Y with a great accessory that you can find at a great price.
  4. What about impulse shopping? Well, this is what all the shop windows with the huge discount messages want you to do. Here is the rule. You can always buy something that you’ve been looking for years now, because this is called a great find. These are the last pieces, in your color, just in your size. There is also the love at first sight. You can follow this feeling as well. Not sure it’s love? Put it back, continue shopping, and if you keep thinking about that piece constantly, worrying that someone else might take it, the last piece, and who knows when you will find another one like this, return quickly and get it.
  5. The most important rule: if you wouldn’t get it at full price, buying it 50% off doesn’t mean you saved 50%, it will mean you spent 50% more that you wanted in the first place!
  6. Check out online sales! Measure your family’s sizes carefully, and always check return policies before buying, this way online shopping is absolutely safe. If you can send it back, it’s worth a try. Discounts can go up to 80%!
  7. Never forget your coupons at home. Plan the shopping, but leave space for surprise findings.
  8. If you are really smart, you look for smart ways to care for your new deals. Bonux offers you the cleaning you need, no more no less, at a great price. Smart wardrobe requires smart laundry.

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