Physical Activity Is As Important As Maths For Your Child!

Physical Activity Is As Important As Maths For Your Child's Development!

Today’s world being tech and career driven, children show dipping interest in physical activity. But physical well-being is as important as mental health. Not just that, exercise boosts mental prowess too.

Outdoor activities for kids contribute immensely towards healthy growth and development. By following a healthy lifestyle during childhood, children grow up to be healthy adults.

Exercise for children is the biggest enemy of stress. But besides killing stress, at least some amount of physical activity for kids goes a long way in boosting:

  1. Development and growth
  2. Self-esteem
  3. Muscle, joint and bone strength
  4. Balance and posture
  5. Heart health
  6. Weight regulation
  7. Social interaction
  8. Skill learning and development
  9. Concentration and focus
  10. Physical activity can also help the young girls get used to menstrual cramp pains. Yes! Physical activity releases endorphins which make you “feel good” and thus helps with menstrual pains as well. Girls on periods shouldn’t shy away from activities and should own those 5 days with Whisper Ultra Clean which provides greater coverage and also has higher absorbency!

Now you must be thinking, “I would love it if my child played outdoors more but I don’t want it to get in the way of school and studies”. Perfectly natural. Which is why, we’re helping you with some tips on how you can help your child balance school and outdoor activities.


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5 Tips To Balance School and Physical Activities

  1. It is essential that you and your child mutually understand priorities.So sit together and create a priority list and should any week get too hectic, revisit it to know what activities can be let go of.
  2. To ensure that academics are still number one priority, help your child create a detailed study schedule on a calendar. This should be kept in a visible place. 
  3. Planning is of essence. You must take out the time to review your child’s schedule so that you can together plan for upcoming activities. And make sure you prep in advance for those activities.
  4. With such a tight schedule it is essential you set aside some fun family time so that your child doesn’t burn out. Anything form the movies to a picnic will do; get creative!
  5. If you feel like you need more hands on deck don’t be ashamed to hire help. You have a life beyond your children that you need to enjoy to the fullest. By hiring help your children’s lives don’t come to a standstill because you’re not around.

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