Walk Around The City To Boost Your Child's Confidence

Exploring a city together helps build your children's confidence and independence

Every mom knows kids need lots of activities to keep them busy. But all activity lists grow stale after a while. Instead of recycling old ideas, why not take your kids outside and help build their independence by letting them explore their own city? Nicole Blaisse, a school counselor for over 10 years and mother of 3, shows us easy ways to organize a walking tour that will engage kids and make them feel comfortable no matter what city they live in.

Plan ahead

“Preparation is key,” says Nicole. “We definitely have everything planned before we go because I want our walking tour to be convenient and easy.” She adds that knowing where the nearby amenities are located is just as important as selecting a destination. Choosing places that have easy access to parking, bathrooms and streets wide enough to accommodate strollers leaves more time for kids and moms to explore their surroundings and spend less time fussing over little details.

Keep it moving

Nicole advises there can’t be a lot of sitting or downtime. The last time she took her family to Central Park in New York City her strategy was to keep moving. “I wanted to make sure we weren’t in the same location for too long before the kids got cranky.” Kids’ attention spans are short and they get bored easily if they spend too much time on one thing. So before you head out the door make sure your walking tour has lots of things to see along the way.

Stop fear before it starts


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Anytime a child is confronted with a new environment he/she can experience feelings of fear or anxiety. Help reassure kids by prepping them ahead of time. “I try to talk about what they’re going to see. I tell them things like ‘there’s going to be a lot of people and a lot of cars. Stay close to mommy.’ If they get lost I tell them to go see a policeman.” Knowing what to expect from their journey will allow kids to feel confident and autonomous in any new setting.

Go to a park or a museum

“I like taking my kids to parks or museums. Both are good ways for them to explore different things,” says Nicole. Parks provide kids with endless worlds of entertainment. Kids can run around, play in the dirt and experience nature—which is especially important if they live in a big city. Museums are also great places to spark a kid’s curiosity. Any place that allows free thinking and exploration will naturally make a kid more confident and eager to experience new things.

Make it relatable

“Kids are happy when they can relate to things,” says Nicole. “Seeing things and talking about it, making personal references—kids like this.” Referencing familiar experiences can be an excellent independence booster; kids who feel safe are self-assured and willing to take more risks. So the next time your family is touring someplace new, have your kids point out similarities to places they’ve visited or even their home. Good associations will open kids up to new adventures.

Organizing a walking tour doesn’t have to be hard. Planning ahead and sticking to parks and museums are great ways to get kids walking and exploring new places. For kids needing reassurance, keeping things relatable will make them feel secure and foster independence. Follow any of these surefire tips and your kids are guaranteed to have a blast on their next jaunt.

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