My best Mother's Day moments

My best Mother's Day moments

Mother’s Day is the one day a year that you’re finally recognized for everything you do every day. It’s easy to lose site of what this special day is all about. One mom describes the moment she realized what Mother’s Day was all about. For more Mother’s Day stories, visit EverydayMe today!


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Mother’s Day is definitely on top of the celebration priority list. (Wasn’t Father’s Day created by default?) It’s a day moms anticipate, whether for the family traditions, the kids’ one-of-a-kind crafts, or for the recognition itself.

When I was six years old, my sisters and I created an elaborate plan to make my mother queen for the day. We made her bacon and eggs for breakfast with help from Chef Dad, set up a throne in our sunroom where streamers draped the ceiling and announced her as she descended the stairs. We tied a big sheet around her shoulders and topped her head with what we considered to be a crown. We each presented her a card and a little potted plant or mug we decorated at school. She went along with the entire royal morning.

Now that’s a mom.

Breakfast or brunch have always been a big part of Mother’s Day, as if we can’t wait to show her our appreciation — it must be done first thing. Brunch did become part of my family’s annual tradition, as have gifts of flowers, pastries, perfume, handmade earrings, charms and framed photos.

It’s the perfect day to embrace taking care of mom. After all, mothers spend a lot of days wiping noses, scrubbing stains, making meals, resolving conflict, drying tears, repairing toys and looking at the clock. So reversing the roles seemed like the right thing to do.

It wasn’t until I became a mother that I understood the devotion and love a mother has for her child. And although the bed sheet as a cape was really fashionable, my mom would have worn a potato sack if it meant seeing the smiles on our faces.

I know she was enamored by the attention and focus we had on her, and she was lost in the moment. This is why moms see a Picasso in a scribble.

In a sense, every day is Mother’s Day because we crazy moms are able to watch our beautiful children grow a little more. It is rewarding and awe-inspiring.

Taking one day to formally recognize mom for her countless and endless contributions is quite a small undertaking, all things considered.

So get the obnoxiously large bouquet and make brunch last into dinner. Fill the day with her favorite things and chat about memories while making a few more. And never underestimate the sentimental power a homemade craft present can have — like a little painted handprint.

I can’t say for sure why this particular Mother’s Day came to mind. Perhaps it’s because it was the first time in my childhood I saw my mother as a woman rather than a nightmarefighting warrior, sock-finding magician or taxi driver. Instead, she sat there with happy tears and a permanent smile, her heart overflowing. I definitely felt the side effects of our actions, and it’s stayed with me every year since.

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