Kudrat ka Khel: 4 Games Your Kids will Love

Get your children to enjoy the outdoors with these 4 earth-friendly activities.

Jaiye bahaar, jaaniye nature, pehchaaniye wild life! Now is the perfect time to get your kids out and about. Get them to love and learn about the environment with four fun activities.

1. Keedey Se Dosti 
Richard Louv, author of the national bestseller "Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder," offers inspiring ideas on how to have your child strike a chord with nature.

Here is one: Look for a scrap board and place it on the bare earth in your backyard or front garden. Come back with your kids a couple of days later, lift the board and see how many species have made a home there. From centipedes to pillbugs, see if they can identify these little creatures with the help of a field guide. Once a month, go back to see how many more friends you can find.

2. Raat ki Raaz 
Night hikes open up a whole new world. Listen for owls, look out for bats, count the stars. Hear the dry sticks snapping under your feet. Wander around in the woods nearest to your home or camp with your kids in a provincial park that allows overnight camping. 

3. Pattharon se Pyaar 
Encourage your child to collect pebbles, stones, sticks, fossils and other “treasures.” Arrange all your “treasures” beautifully in a fishbowl or glass container to display them at home. Leave no stone unturned to make it a fun activity for your kids. 

4. Bird Watching
Whether you are at home or at the park, bird watching can be a whole lot of fun. Canada is a beautiful country with colourful birds all around you.


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Have your child carry a notebook and start with your backyard. Note down the different colours, sounds and species in a little “bird-book,” reserved just for this activity. Have them draw the bird or describe the differences. Use your field guide to identify and compare how the different species change every season.

Venture out further and observe the migratory birds that are typical to Canada. Note the iridescent hummingbirds in summer and the flocks of geese making their V-formation flights down south in the fall.

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