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Importance of Play

Learn why play is important for your little one to develop into a holistic individual.

Play is vital for the growth of your child’s social, emotional, linguistic and intellectual capacities, enhancing your child's expanding knowledge of the world about such complex things as size, shape, gravity, weight, rigidity, and flexibility. It develops your child’s fine and gross motor skills and develops his muscles for climbing, running and handling heavy objects.

  • Playing is a child’s way of discovering the world around and how it works. A child learns about gravity by throwing things from a highchair.
  • A child develops hand eye coordination through play like swiping at toys dangling above his cot or by grabbing his toes.
  • Learns about size, weight and shape of objects by picking them up, playing with them and trying to grasp them the right way.
  • Pretend play develops the mental abilities of a child immensely. It builds cognitive capacities which are necessary for symbolic thought and to understand representations.
  • By the age of 2 a constant narrative accompanies their play, either by imagination or something that occurred earlier. A child develops memory while playing by trying to recount or enact an event or situation they found emotionally charged or difficult to comprehend.
  • Playing challenges a child’s creativity and imagination but at the same time challenges their intelligence by making them separate the real world from their imaginary play world.

Playing helps the child emotionally too. For example, a child may be able to deal with the birth of a sibling in their own private world of play. Playing also helps children figure social conventions out. Through role playing or dolls, they enact socio dramatic roles such as teacher, train driver mummy, daddy and policeman and learn the roles of these figures in their lives. So ensure that set apart enough time for your child to play as he grows up into a well-rounded adult.


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