How Moms Like You Got Their Kids to Enjoy Brushing

How Moms Like You Got Their Kids to Enjoy Brushing

Finding it hard getting your kids to brush their teeth without a fight? We asked other moms how they tackled the problem and make the job fun for everyone involved…

It’s a vital part of your kids’ development, but it’s not always easy getting your children to brush their teeth without a battle.

So, to help you – and your children – enjoy the job more, we asked a group of over 1,000 moms how they managed to make kids tooth brushing time fun and hassle-free. Here are their top tips:

  • “My two-year-old and I play a game where I pretend I’m getting little bugs off her teeth with the toothbrush. I say things like, ‘There’s a stripy one!’ and ‘Let’s get the blue one!’. I must sound crazy, but it works.”
  • “Getting my son an Oral-B child’s electric toothbrush (link to a specific product page) really helped. He stands next to me and cleans his teeth while I do mine with my own electric brush. He really enjoys being grown-up just like Mummy!”
  • My daughter’s toothbrush lives in a special house – our bathroom cabinet – and she loves the ritual of saying ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ when it comes out or goes back in again.”
  • “When my son was very little, I made up a silly song called ‘Brush those pearly whites’, which worked a treat. We still sing it now though he’s nearly four.”
  • “We pretend we’re going on safari in my son’s mouth, hunting for dinosaurs, elephants, or even cartoon characters, and I try to ‘catch’ them with the toothbrush.”
  • “My daughter and I talk about all the things she’s eaten that day and, as she remembers each one, I brush it away.”
  •  “The Oral-B Disney Magic Timer app helped immediately. It has a little reward chart with virtual ‘stickers’ for every successful brushing session.” (The app is free from iTunes.)
  • “It sounds drastic, but I showed my three-year-old pictures of people with rotten teeth. He was both disgusted and fascinated and immediately became keen on cleaning his teeth. We haven’t had any problems since!”
  •  “I bought my daughter her own little vanity mirror and she watches herself as she cleans her teeth. When she’s done, I cover my eyes, saying, ‘I’m blinded by how sparkly they are!’”
  • “We imagine my son’s toothbrush has a personality and feelings. He loves it when I talk in a silly voice, pretending to be the brush, and he hates the idea of upsetting the brush by not letting it clean his teeth.”
  • “We drew a big chart and stuck it on the back of the bathroom door. My daughter gets a cool sticker every time she brushes without complaining.”
  • “There are lots of great tooth brushing songs on YouTube – I play them on my phone while brushing my toddler’s teeth, and he’s mesmerized!”
  • “I’ve found it’s easier to sit my children on my lap, facing away from me, and brushing their teeth from that angle. They seem to find it less scary than having a brush coming straight towards them.”
  • “My son loves superheroes, so we got him an Oral-B Marvel Avengers toothbrush (link to a specific product page) and told him that Captain America gets more superpowers by brushing his teeth.”
  • “We use a two-minute sand timer and then I play a game with my four-year-old to see who can keep brushing until the sand runs out. He always wins…!”
  • “I’ve laminated a picture of a mouth with lips and big white teeth. I draw on ‘dirt’ with a felt-tip pen, then my son ‘brushes’ it off with an old toothbrush, to make the teeth white again. It’s really helped him to understand what’s going on when I brush his teeth for real.”

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