Prepare Your Kids for Outdoor Activities with these Simple Ideas

Nothing beats the sight of happy, active children running around in the sun. That is, until you have to deal with the perspiration, sunburn and piles of unpleasant smelling laundry.

Getting the kids to play out of the house promotes well-being and wholesome physical development, not to mention provides some much appreciated relief time for mums to relax or get things done without being pulled in many different directions at once.

Even the best of us will probably find it unappealing when playtime gets rough, and the kids come back sunburnt, sweating, with clothes caked in remnants of the outdoors. So here are a few ways to keep the kids staying fresh whilst they're outdoors and in the sun.

Protect and clean
Before they step out into the sun, slathering on kid-friendly sunscreen and clothing them in breathable cotton (which helps to absorb excessive sweating) wear is a good way of avoiding painful sunburn. Long sleeves will also help shield children with sensitive skin from any harmful ultraviolet rays. Go a step further with caps or sweatbands to keep direct sunlight and sweat away from their faces.

We all know keeping the kids hydrated is extremely important so having bottles of water handy will go a long way. All the better if you're standing by to chase them into the shower quickly after playtime. Clean, fresh skin is healthy skin.

The battle of stains
Healthy, active children in the sun mean lots of laundry. Don't, however, let this hold you and the kids back from enjoying the good weather.

It might be worthwhile to save some of the kids' old clothes and set them aside to be used as playwear. This means that the kids can get soaked, messy and generally play to their hearts content without ruining an expensive outfit.

Mums dealing with stain removal problems will find that there are a good number of stain removers available in supermarkets. For something a little more organic, use home-sourced options like vinegar, lime juice or ammonia in small quantities to remove sweat and dirt stains.


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Stinky feet
Smelly feet and footwear is another bugbear of good times in the sun. For not very rough play, opentoed non-plastic sandals help feet breathe and keep away sweat and odour.

If the kids take part in activities such as soccer, trekking or other occasions where active footwear is needed, stocking up on plenty of socks made with natural fibre will help keep the nasty stenches away.

Foot odour is actually bacterial waste in the form of organic acids, so get the children to take off the shoes as soon as they are home and air their shoes immediately. Cultivating a habit of washing their feet as soon as the shoes come off is also highly beneficial for their little feet.

For washing and drying of shoes, simply follow the manufacturer's instructions. For those of us who don't have time to go to the store to purchase shoe deodorizers, use easily available agents like baking soda to keep shoes clean and smelling

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