How to Help Your Child Deal with Peer Pressure.

Help Your Child Deal With Effects of Peer Pressure

What starts as a seemingly innocent social activity can quickly turn into something that can hurt your child’s future prospects. This is why it is essential to help your child when it comes to dealing with peer pressure.

make mistakes one way or another. Accepting this is important and knowing what to do after is critical. If you start to notice the negative effects of peer pressure in your teen, here’s how you can help get him/her back on track.

1. Never overreact

While it is natural to freak out when you hear something bad about your teens and their friends, it is best not to slip into the lecturing mode. It is better to address the behaviour concerned and explain its consequences to your child.

2. Explain friendship

Make your child understand, with examples if it helps, that anyone who is pressuring him/her to do something he/she doesn’t want to, is not a true friend.

3. Get acquainted with your child’s pals

Make your home a place your child feels comfortable to bring his/her friends to. This way you can physically see your child’s peers and figure outif they are good or bad influences.


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4. Explain the concept of independence

Going into their teens, you will notice your children throw the word ‘independence’ around a lot. Make your children realize that if it is independence they desire then letting other kids decide what they should/shouldn’t do is far from being independent.

5. Recreate a peer pressure situation

By doing so you are giving your child the choice to say “No”. This inculcates, through role play, the power of being able to resist peer pressure.

6. Teach saying “No” by example

Let your child see you clearly drawing boundaries and assertively, minus tons of explanation, saying “No, that’s not okay with me,” Once your child knows that it’s ok to say no and sees how to do it, he/she will follow suit.

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7.Teach child to be positive in his/her life which will help in overcoming obstacles of life.

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