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Help Your Kids Keep Their New Year Resolutions

There are many practical and simple ways to help your children cultivate new habits. Making resolutions is one of them.

Did your kids resolve to do some things differently in the New Year?  As a parent, you can help them expand their horizons with these new year resolution ideas for kids.

8 Ways To Make Children Keep Their New Year's Resolution

1. Be a respected role model: 

As a parent, it is your job to be a role model.  Practice what you preach.  Talk to your kids and find out what changes they want to bring about in the New Year.  Share your list of resolutions with them.  For example, if you want them to change their eating habits, make a pact by changing a habit too. 

2. Be positive:  

Encourage your kids by listing all the positive things they did in the previous year. This will encourage them to push themselves in new directions and set goals.  Get them to work on areas they struggle with (say math or languages).  Find out what would make them happy and encourage new or current hobbies.

3. Encourage thinking: 

Listen to your kids and help them with suggestions for resolutions. Make sure that they think for themselves and come up with ideas on their own. Children do better when they set their own their goals and learn to plan. Guide them on methods to achieve their goals if need be.

4. Narrow down the list: 

Unlike us adults, children do better with 2 or 3 resolutions. This makes it easier for them to follow through.  Based on their age, let them make a list of concrete and manageable things to do.  Things like keeping their room tidy, reading more and spending more time practicing the keyboard/guitar are good to work on.


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5. Take baby steps: 

As a parent, your role is to make sure that your child turns a good intention into a sustainable habit.  It takes around 6 – 8 weeks to create a new habit. So if one of their New Year resolution ideas was to keep their room neat, ask them to list how it can be done.

6. Follow up:

Check in each week to see if tasks have been done. Expect a few lapses and don’t nag them if they forget to do something. Everyone forgets to do things occasionally.  Put the resolutions list in a prominent place so that it serves as a reminder.  The beauty is to let the kids choose and get excited about achieving goals.

7. Make family resolutions: 

This is a great way to bring families closer.  If your son or daughter wants to help other kids with reading, encourage it.  Support them by buying the materials and setting up reading plans.  Spending quality time together is another way to get them to talk about things they would like to do. 

8. Resolutions as a ritual:

Sit down as a family and make it a ritual to plan what you want to do for the New Year. Write down New Year resolution ideas and toss them in a bowl so that each one can pick something they want to work on. A great idea is to have rewards so that each person gets something if they do what they planned to.  

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