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Girls on the game

Gaming now offers amazing technologies and women are its fastest-growing users.

Everyone is a gamer, yes, you too! If you’ve ever whiled away the hours playing a casual online game, you’re a gamer. If you haven’t, it’s probably because you haven’t yet found a game that really appeals to you.

Gaming has changed drastically in the last few years, with the stereotype of the 15-year-old boy playing PC games well into the night fast dissipating. It’s now about having fun with family and friends, being social, and not taking yourself too seriously. Manufacturers are bringing out titles to appeal to these shifting demographics while, at the same time, developing breakthrough gaming technologies that really are bringing the future right into the present.

Many women still attach a stigma to gaming, but this too is changing and one reason is that they are seeing the benefits. The results of some recent research may surprise you: regular gaming can help with developmental problems, hone specific skills, and be both educational and teach valuable life lessons. The key, of course, is moderation.

Gaming can be good for you

Researchers all over the world are studying the unexpected benefits of gaming.
Here are some recent findings:


Researchers have been studying how active participation in casual games (which are easier to learn how to play) improves short-term cognisance in older people.

Visual capacity:

Tests have been made with non-gamers to test their visual capacity. Half played casual games and the other half played an action game involving a target. After a month the action gamers’ vision had improved by about 20%.


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Researchers tested subjects with and without gaming experience. Those with experience could ignore unimportant stimuli faster and had better overall focused attention and faster reaction times and decision-making abilities than those without.


A group of young adults were assigned a "frustration task" before being divided into groups (not playing a game, playing a non-violent game, playing a violent game as the good guy, playing a violent game as the bad guy). Those who played the violent games were less hostile and depressed, indicating that the games had helped them vent their frustration and regulate their moods.

Why are more women now gaming?

Research has found that women are drawn to social aspects rather than challenging mechanics and goals. As more and more people have access to the Internet, more women are finding online casual games, which are quick to master, often don’t take up too much time, and can be social in nature.

Are games made to be addictive?

A well-made game is delicately balanced so as to be challenging enough that people will attempt to master it and will return to do so (‘fun’), but not so challenging that they find it too difficult ('frustrating') or so lacking in a challenge ('boring') that they stop playing. Certain people are predisposed to addictive behaviour, such as perfectionists. Depending on the game, the player may obsessively replay levels in order to achieve perfect scores, collect all the pickups for bragging rights or a special bonus, or find all the secret areas or objects in order to experience the entire game, whereas other players are happy just to advance through a level as fast as possible.

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