Essential Parenting Tips You Must Know While Raising a Teenager.

7 Essential Parenting Tips You Must Know While Raising a Teenager

The teenage years are by far the most influential years in a person’s life. This is the time habits and also vices set in and become internalized. This is why it’s very important to raise your teenager the right way so he/she will go on to become a mature, responsible adult.

Research has shown that strong relationships between teenagers and their folks, correlated with better performance at school and also higher overall happiness levels. The converse has been proven as well; weak relationships between teenagers and their parents correlate with violence and experimentation with intoxication and early sexual experimentation. But don’t sweat it; by following these essential parenting tips, you can tackle all those teenage problems with ease.

7 Essential Tips On Parenting Teenagers

#1 Be a Friend

All those teenage girl problems including going through the first period need to be discussed and addressed carefully. The physical changes that your daughter is going through will be taken care of by Whisper, but you need to be there for everything that’s going on in their minds. Teenager problems are easier to discuss when they realize you care and are not going to condescend them for their mistakes. Be encouraging.

#2 They Need Privacy

While knowing your child’s whereabouts and the company he/she is keeping is important, prying too much will make your teen distrust you.Know when to step in and when to back off; after all everyone is entitled to have secrets.

#3 Discipline over Dictatorship

Explain the importance of setting disciplinary rules to your teenager and how it will benefit him/her. Never enforce rules by force and without discussing them with your teen first; this will give the impression that you don’t think they are mature enough to have an opinion.


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#4 Accountability

Introduce them to responsibility and make them accountable for certain household chores. Make them understand that the delegated work won’t get done if it isn’t done by them.

#5 Bond Often

Despite your hectic schedule, it is your duty of a parent to find time to be there for your teenager. This will help them open up to you better. Choose an activity you both like and can do together.

#6 Proactivity

Teenagers are often a bit shy to talk about topics like love, sex and the like. Be the one who starts the topic; if possible add some humour to lighten the mood and make it easier for them to ask you the questions they want to but felt they couldn’t.

#7 Be a Role Model

You can’t be telling your child not to drink alcohol and then returning home drunk. It would be considered hypocrisy by your teen. It’s important that your teen respects you for him/her to listen to you.

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