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Child-Proof your cell phone

"Your child says "Can I play with your cell phone, Momma?" Ten minutes later he (or she) has posted an embarrassing Twitter message, sent an SMS message to your boss, and purchased 5 fairly expensive apps. There are ways to avoid this. You child-proof your operating system."


Depending on the type of cell phone you have, there are various ways to limit how much damage children can do with your cell phone. If you have a Windows cell phone, you can install "Children's Corner" a service that creates a child-safe environment on your cell phone, to exclude the risk of unpleasant surprises. For other cell phone systems, there is an option called "Restrictions". There are buttons to turn certain things off, for example the ability to make purchases from already installed software.

6 tips for child-proofing your cell phone:

1. Backing up:

A cell phone can be rendered inoperative if it is dropped hard on pavement. Also, a child can lose it, for example in the sandbox. Therefore it is reassuring to periodically back up the device.

2. Use the "Find My Phone" service:

With this finding service you can find the cell phone, for example if it has fallen into the seat of your automobile or into Grandma's garden.


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3. Password lock:

Set up a password so that no one can get into the cell phone or download apps without it. Also, on an iPhone, for example, there is a locking key feature on the Home Button.

4. Use a protective case:

If you are afraid that the child will accidentally drop your cell phone in the floor, you can put the cell phone in one of the specially-made toys which creates an air bag to protect the cell phone while the child plays with it.

5. Airplane Mode:

There is an "Airplane Mode" setting on most cell phones that you can select before the child receives the cell phone. This turns off signal transmission, so that the child cannot make embarrassing calls or surf the Internet.

6. Establish rules:

Limitations, covers, and secure headphones are means of protecting both your child and the cell phone; but it is also necessary for you and the child to come to an agreement concerning any surfing that he/she does, and when he/she is allowed to use your cell phone.


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