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A night’s rest

A murmuring baby isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm. We help you understand why your baby is murmuring.

It’s the middle of the night and you wake up and you discover that your baby is making sounds and it scares you. A murmuring baby isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm. Vital brain development goes on during an infant's slumber, which is why you might find your baby constantly stirring during sleep. Tiny babies know how to start lulling themselves back to sleep.

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Most of you know sleep to be silent and peaceful! Now, even when your tiny baby is sleeping well, she will probably be making little noises and even cry out as she moves between quiet and active sleep states. This might alarm you, but you must know that this is normal for babies to do. Always wait to see if the baby has conditioned itself to go back to sleep on its own. Watch your baby from far, don’t go to close, you might disturb its natural transition between sleep states.

Scientists have proved that parts of babies’ brains are often more active during sleep than when awake. It is believed that this is because memories and experiences are consolidated during sleep.

Either way, as parents it is essential that you ensure that your child receives uninterrupted sleep; even if that means you remain wide awake for nights. A good night’s sleep is like a building block in your child’s growth process. Get pregnancy tips to increase your chances with the help of ovulation test today.


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