8 Ways To A Work-Life Balance

8 Ways To A Work-Life Balance

When was the last time you took your wife on a date? Took the kids on a trip? Or had time to read a book? If you’re always busy at work, it’s time you managed your time effectively.

There are some people we know who seem to have time for everything – work, family, personal interests, getaways – you name it, they handle it. While some of us continuously struggle to spend less time at work and more with the family. Wonder how they do it?

Learning to manage time effectively is essential for all of us. Each of us has the same number of hours to work with but some people know how to manage it better. Yes, work is important and working hard will probably get you closer to your professional goals faster, but at what cost?  Spending time with your family, seeing your kids grow up and being involved in their lives is equally important.  The last thing you want to be is a stranger to them.

Manage time well and keep your sanity

At work:

Prioritizing: Set a specific time to answer emails and do important work. You know when you work best – if it is the morning between 8 am – 11 am, block those hours for major jobs.  Work smart! Delegate whenever possible.

Scheduling: If you have important work or are in a creative role, figure out when you have the least distractions.  Block those hours and get productive. Keep in mind, it takes 20 minutes to gather your thoughts and get work flowing again.

Switching off: Addicted to social media? Turn off notifications and if possible check your accounts only once a day. Put your phone on silent for personal calls. Important calls and messages should be answered. Use headphones if you need to, to avoid distractions. 

At home:


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Cut-off time: While technology has shrunk boundaries, keeping work separate from a personal life is important. Try to avoid office calls or emails beyond a certain time.

Family time: When you come home, take some time to freshen up and then sit down with the kids even if it is just for 30 minutes. Kids need the time to feel connected to you. Spend more time with them on the weekend doing fun stuff.

Eating together: Dinner is a time when everyone is usually in the house. This makes it the best time for family bonding and sharing all that has transpired during the each one’s day. As far as possible, make this a routine.

Doing things together: Spending time with the children is not just important, it’s critical for their emotional and social well-being.  Don’t forget your spouse.  If it means that you take the dog for a walk together, make this time count for both of you.

Me-time: Manage time well and you can fit this in too.  Schedule a day of the week so that you can get centred. Take up a hobby or do things that satisfy your inner needs.

There is no “one size fits all” plan to manage time.  It depends on what you do for a living, how much you have to commute and what you want in your life.  Needs will change as you grow older, so go with the flow.  Tweak your “time management” calendar when it is needed.  

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