Back to School: 6 Sweet Ways to Capture Their First Day

Back to School: 6 Sweet Ways to Capture Their First Day

We all want to capture that special day, but by getting a tad creative you can build even more amazing memories to share!

Their hair is neatly combed, their bags are packed and their school outfit is glistening (thank you Ariel 3-in-1 pods (link to specific product page) that do all the stain-fighting hard work for you) – plus they’re full of excited anticipation to meet their new teacher and see their friends! You want to capture this special day and, while big cheeky grins by the front door is a must, there are lots of other creative ways to snap your little ones:

1.Keep it natural

We all love posed photos, but as the kids walk to school, try capturing candid moments, too. Snap them holding hands and chatting; bending down to retie a shoelace; laughing; scooting; splashing in a puddle. Then when you reach the school gates capture them running to greet their friends with hugs and smiles after a summer apart.

2.Snap their favourite subject

Every child has a favorite class, topic or book, so bring that into your snaps. If you’re mom to a little bookworm, grab a shot with them holding a stack of books; if they’re a scientist in the making, set up a photo shoot complete with science goggles and test-tube. If they’re destined to be a star of track and field, snap them in the pristine white PE kit, ball tucked under their arm. 

3.Get creative with a frame

Get a photo frame and, in the days leading up to their first day back, you and the kids can decorate it with pictures and words, colored-in on card stock. Have them include all their favourite things about school, and the things they associate with it, and then take a picture of them smiling and add it to their little work of art!

4.Before and after


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Take a picture at home in the morning – crisp and clean, shirt tucked in, socks pulled up, hair perfectly combed, teeth brushed. Then take one when they arrive home – complete with paint splodges, and looking adorably dishevelled after a wonderful first day of fun! And you’ll still be smiling as you pop those clothes in the wash, confident that a rub with Ariel Original Washing Liquid’s (link to a specific product page) pre-treat cap will make short work of those paint splodges!

For more on making sure your children’s clothes are always in tip top shape, check out this article (link to ‘How to Care for Your Family’s Fabrics the Right Way’ [REFNO65]).  

5.Have fun!

Your kids aren’t the only ones who are excited! Try a series of silly snaps where you show how you’re feeling on this special day – leaping with sheer elation! Get your kids to pose in the background as a fun play on the classic school day snap. If you and the kids are silly too, you’re guaranteed to get some pics to make you all giggle!

6.Include other family members

Sending your child off to school for their first day after a summer together is emotional, so capture that. If you take your little ones to school with Dad, snap him kissing them goodbye, if you do the drop off, ask another school mom to take a picture as you hug your kids before they head into school. The resulting pictures will be truly heart-warming.

Have you captured your kids going back to school in a fun and unusual way? Share it with us here in the comments below.

For more tips on how to keep school clothes gleaming, whatever art class and PE throws at them, visit Ariel (link to Ariel BLP).  

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