5 Moods Every Toddler Has Each Day

5 Moods Every Toddler Has Each Day

No, you’re not crazy. Your toddler really does have a million and one moods each day!

Anyone who has ever lived with a toddler knows that, in addition to being some of the most hilarious and honest people in the world, they are also, well, kind of insane. When you wake up with your sweet little one each morning, you get one person, but within a few hours (or maybe even minutes), you’re dealing with an entirely new person. What gives?

Don't worry. It's not you – it's your toddler and his ever-changing moods. Here, five of the (many) moods every toddler goes through each day. Just when you thought you had this parenting thing figured out ...

Mood 1: Cuddly. Aww. Who is this sweet bundle of love in your lap who lets you stroke her hair and doles out slobbery, wet kisses ad nauseum? This kid is the best! She tells you she loves you, she hysterically cracks up when you tickle her, she even spontaneously hugs you and says, "Mama, you’re my best friend!" It's crazy to think that you've ever been anything but enthralled with this wonderful little being. You're a horrible person if you ever as much as roll your eyes at this angel pie ... right?

Mood 2: Inquisitive. Toddlers are curious creatures , and, in addition to the million and one other jobs you do each day, you've been blessed with the role of professional question answerer. Does it get tedious? Lil' bit. What are you doing? What am I doing? Why is the dog barking? Can I have a string cheese? Can I have a cracker? Can I have a cookie? Why not? Where did the mailman go? Is it raining out? Why is it raining out? ...


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Mood 3: Demonic. OMG, your child is possessed! He just went from sweet, funny question-asker to scary Angel of Darkness whose only word is "no!" What happened?! Things are being trashed, tears are being shed -- yours and his. Where did you go wrong?! Is it horrible to offer him a cookie to make him stop? You don't even care if it's horrible -- you just want him to stop! Here, have two, little guy!

Mood 4: Shy. Hmm ... this is odd. Your little munchkin is quiet as a mouse, huddling close to you, and behaving. Oh wait, it's because you're out in public! (Note: Don't even try to convince anyone who comments on how well-behaved your child is that he's ever anything but a perfect angel. With that face and sweet disposition, no one will ever believe you. This kid knows the game inside and out.)

Mood 5: Independent. Also known as "defiant." While the independent portion of your toddler's day isn't quite as taxing as the demonic, temper-tantrumy one, you need to know that you're not the one in charge when he's in this mood. So long as you know that, regardless of how much more skilled you are at putting on shoes, you're not going to be the one to put on your kiddo's sneakers -- even if it takes 40 minutes -- you're cool. Your job right now? To stand back and be a yes-woman. Got it, Mama?

What other moods does your toddler experience in the course of a day?

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