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11 Moms of High-Energy Kids Share What Works Best

Try these mom-proven tips and activities for wearing out high-energy kids

Let’s face it – little kids, especially those who have seemingly endless stores of energy, can keep parents on their toes. My boys are 3 and 5 and every day seems like a challenge to discover new ways to release all that pent-up creativity. I asked moms of other high-energy kids what works for them.

1. “Get them out into nature; it's calming and gives them a positive outlet for energy.”

2. “Take them to the indoor jumpy house places. They run around for hours -- then crash when it’s time to go to bed.”

3. “In the words of my boys’ Nana, ‘You have to run them’ literally around the block some days and that’s exactly what we do. Take walks, go for bike rides, anything to get them moving.”

4. “My mantra is: ‘well fed, well rested, and well exercised.’ As long as my boys are doing all three, they are in good spirits.”

5. “Swimming. We belong to the local Y and visit the indoor pool at least two to three times a week. It’s the perfect outlet for my kids.”

6. “Unstructured play. Sending them to the backyard and letting them make up their own games. It’s a workout for the mind and body. All that creativity wears them out.”


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7. “Pets. Our high-energy dog (Lucy) takes the kids for a walk and then some. Playing with Lucy wears out the most energetic child.”

8. “Sensory play is especially calming for my young kids -- playing with play dough really does the trick.”

9. “A warm bath. My boys have always loved the bath, and it can sometimes last an hour. They ‘swim,’ they play, they build -- I don’t mind at all because they come out exhausted.”

10. “The zoo! We have a membership and go there constantly. We visit different animals each time we go and often see a new behavior or something special at each visit.”

11. “I play a game with the kids called ‘kids’ choice’ in which the kids can pick what they want to do. The only rule is it can’t involve a screen. We’ve gone on a ‘bear hunt’ (aka, walk in the woods), a ‘bug hunt’ (aka, digging in the dirt looking for worms), and played ‘princess and pirates’ (which basically just involves a whole lot of running around and building forts).”

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