10 exam and revision tips for parents

10 Exam Time Tips for Parents

Try these small ways to support your children through key stage tests and major exams

You can’t do the tests for your child, but you can help by offering advice on revision techniques and support at home. Check these 10 quick tips.

1. Know what’s coming
At the beginning of the school year, find out from your child’s teachers what tests are scheduled and when they will be. Then make an exam timetable and stick it up at home.

2. Host a happy home
Plan ahead and try to reduce the stress levels around study and exam times. Be as organised as you can and avoid showing your own anxiety.

3. Maintain sibling pest control
Keep other brothers and sisters occupied during study times.

4. Help make a revision timetable
Make an organized schedule and find out if there are any study tools your child thinks might be useful, for example past exam papers.

5. Create a study space
Make sure your child has somewhere to organize their work, ideally a place where they can leave books and notes without the chore of having to clear up every time.


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6. Cook healthy meals
Make your child’s favourite dishes to ensure their mealtimes are positive and relaxing as well as nutritious.

7. Keep up snack supplies
Snacks like fruit provide useful brain fuel, as does water, so make sure your child takes breaks and grazes on a healthy balance of foods.

8. Watch the clock
Revising for excessive amounts of time can be counterproductive. Encourage your child to set a alarm and stop studying at regular intervals.

9. Encourage fun
Take the pressure off. Suggest a trip out, allow TV breaks, or if you can, say you’ll pay for him or her to so something special with friends, like a cinema trip or bowling.

10. Make an exercise plan
Doing physical exercise is a great way to release tension, revive energy levels and aid that all important night’s sleep that will stimulate mental rejuvenation.

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