10 Ways to Beat Period Pain and Tough Exam Stress

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Tests and exams are bad enough as it is. It gets worse when you get your period right in the middle of the stressful days. Neither is avoidable. All you need are a few tips and ideas to get through those 5 days with minimum discomfort.

School days are fun days except for homework, tests and exams. Those days are stressful and you wonder if you’re prepared enough to get good marks, if not ace the paper.

What makes it worse is when exam stress gets coupled with period pain. For some, it is not much and the days can go by very quickly. But for others, period pain is life-stopping and can actually prevent you from being and feeling your best. When this happens every month, and stops you from enjoying school life or studying or playing, it is not something that you look forward to.

Whisper shows you how to control the cramps instead of letting the cramps control you.

1) Pain relief

Trust in ibuprofen. The day before you’re due to get your period take the prescribed dose and you’ll feel less pain. If the cramps start in the middle of the periods, you can still pop the pill and find relief. Do not take it on an empty stomach and be sure to check with your doctor before you start taking the medicine.

2) Yoga

Our ancient gurus knew what they were talking about when they discovered yoga. There are specific asanas that target the pelvic and the lumbar areas of your body, and lessen the pain and soreness. Check Google for poses and videos. You can also ask a local yoga teacher for help.

3) Hot water bottles

Every household has a hot water bottle. The hot water soothes and relaxes your muscles. Cuddle the bottle to your lower abdomen and lie in bed until you feel better.

4) Avoiding caffeine

Say no to coffee, tea and colas. The caffeine in the drinks tightens your blood levels and increases tension. You want blood to flow smoothly and your body to be fully relaxed.

5) Get moving

The last thing you want to do is to move, but exercise helps. Don’t jump on the treadmill at the first sign of pain. Instead, start an exercise regimen long before your next period and continue through those days. Exercise gets the blood flowing and endorphins (happy hormones that fight pain) are released.

6) Hot baths

A hot bath is excellent in relieving menstruation pain. The bath is also a nice way to relax mentally, helpful when you are stressing about exams and the paper the next day.

7) Stick-on heating pads

You can’t carry a hot water bottle to school, can you? Use a stick-on heating pad instead. Ask your chemist or order one online. Stick it to your lower abdomen, under your clothes, and let the warmth soothe you for hours.

8) Let your doctor help

If the ibuprofen hasn’t worked there might be another reason for the pain. Make an appointment with your doctor. A little pain is fine, but too much of it isn’t what you signed up for.

9) Diet control

You could suffer from an irritable bowel or bloating during your periods. Avoid caffeine, salt and fatty foods. This means no burgers, no pizzas and no junk food. Have soups instead of a hot coffee and swap the cola for herbal tea.

10) Breathe

Don’t forget to relax. Learn some simple breathing techniques to slow down your body and close your mind to the pain.

Now you know how your daughter can overcome period pains, now check out a few tips for exam time here.

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