When your kids are ready to fly the nest

What to Do When Children Leave The Nest

It’s going to be a major step for them… and an emotional one for you. But there are ways that The Everyday Effect can help keep them close to you even when they’re far from home.

If you feel a pang of heartache just thinking about that big day when your child leaves home, take comfort that you’re not alone – nearly 80% of parents polled in our recent survey said that they felt sad when their family reached this milestone.

We see the bigger picture – money, college exams, careers – but our children miss the little things when they’re no longer at home: a well-stocked fridge or their favourite shampoo. Amazingly, the laundry basket doesn’t seem to have magical powers any more; at home it fills up and mysteriously empties, transporting washed and ironed clothes back to their cupboards every two days!

In fact, in our research we found that when kids leave home, they positively dread cooking (16%), cleaning (13%) and ironing (12%)! You can help them by showing them a few mum-tips, but once they’re away, there are other ways in which you can keep them close. You never stop caring, after all…

They’ll need all their confidence to make a great first impression. Slip a few things into their wash bag before they set off – a bottle of Head & Shoulders in their favourite scent, and Oral-B Pro-Expert Premium Gum Protection paste. They’ll notice the shine, and you’ll feel better that they’re taking care of themselves.

For sons, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor has been recognised by Which? Magazine as a Best Buy for giving a close shave without damaging delicate skin – perfect for young chins. And for daughters, send them off with a little practical luxury – the Gillette Venus & Olay razor.


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While she’s still getting used to balancing her budget, your daughter will love having a quality brand name like Gillette in her bathroom. Why not add a pack of Tampax Pearl tampons, too? Chances are in all that excitement, she’ll have forgotten what the time of the month is… For an extra treat, why not pop a make-up treat in her bag too? Try Max Factor’s Wild Mega Volume Mascara for high impact lashes she’ll love.

One in four of the adults we polled told us that they associate their regular laundry brand with home, so why not pack Ariel 3in1 pods too? The pods won’t just clean, brighten and fight stains, the scent will give your child a little boost of home every time they get dressed… And you’ll stay with them through each day.

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