3 creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home

3 Creative Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home

Why go out for an expensive meal on Valentine's Day when you can woo your partner in a far more romantic setting – your home. After all, there is nothing better than having all the freedom you could want. So, be creative and remember that your Valentine's Day, even on a tight budget, should be full of surprises from morning to night.

Breakfast in bed
There’s no better start to a Valentine's Day than having a delicious breakfast in bed with your beloved. If you are passionate about cooking, prepare a tray of freshly baked cookies, but if you are not a whiz in the kitchen, you can always escape to the local pastry shop and buy a little bit of everything, saving all of your love for the presentation. Cut out lots of little paper hearts to stick to your favorite cup and cutlery, coordinate with red napkins, and place a rose on the tray.

A gift from the heart

Before your sweetie reaches home text him a couple photo of you both with heartfelt messages like ‘Thanks for the memories’ or ‘Still crazy after all these years’. Do you want to personalize it a bit? You’d be amazed how little details can make a difference. Find out what your other half’s birthstone is and buy a small inexpensive trinket made with the stone, or fill the house with balloons in his favourite colour – something silly but personal to you both.


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A memorable dinner and evening

To end Valentine's day in style cook something light and tasty. Dress an elegant table and enjoy the food, the ambience, but above all the kisses. And afterwards? Jazz music in the background, dancing cheek to cheek in the intimacy of your living room, rose petals scattered around your room, candles and massage oil mixed with your favorite essential oil. Valentine's Day at home will become an unmissable annual date.

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