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Transformation: 4 ways to arrange pictures

Everydayme has four original and easy ways to hang your favourite pictures at home.


Who doesn’t have plenty of pictures or posters to put on their walls? But how can you make them stand out when you’re not a handyman/woman? Here’s some inspiration to customise your home.


Tip 1: Masking tape. Frame pictures with this decorative tape: it’s easy, creative and no holes are needed. Why not make this an activity to do with kids?



Don’t hesitate to use a variety of colours, designs, patterns and frames. The more diverse your application, the greater the effect. And when you want to change the frame or the picture, you only need to pull the masking tape off and start over.


Tip 2: Hangers with clips. A funky way to use household items: still no need for holes, just use “no more nails” glue to secure them to the wall.


Attach pictures or images to the clips and that’s all there is to it. Hint: use different picture sizes on the same hanger for a prettier look.


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Tip 3: Here’s another simple, yet great idea. Use a piece of coloured string for a “clothesline effect” on which to hang pictures. Tape the string with transparent scotch tape and glue the pictures onto the string with adhesive putty.


Tape the ends of the string with transparent scotch tape for a perfect result, and intertwine the different strings. Glue the pictures to the string using adhesive putty.


Tip 4: Last idea, use metal clips (often used in offices to hold files together). They’re inexpensive and practical.



Glue the clips to the wall with “no more nails” glue. They are great for decorating an office, or for creating a loft or industrial look.

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