10 Tips To Bond With Your Family More

10 Tips To Bond With Your Family More

Have you been so busy lately that you don’t know what your children like to do? It’s time to change.

Many of us have happy childhood memories of spending family time. In those days, it was simpler for parents to spend time with their kids.  There were no mobiles or tabs to distract.  The playground was your playstation.  And weekends were reserved for picnics and long drives.  As a parent, you realise the effort it takes to forge bonds with your kids and spouse.  You spare no effort to give your family materialistic comforts, but what they need is your time. 

  1. Scheduling time: Start when the kids are really small.  Get to know their personalities and encourage their interests.  As they get older, schedule day trips or other activities in advance, like going camping etc.  Put up a calendar in a prominent place – this will give them something to get excited about.  Me-time with dad and mom!
  2. Doing chores:  Teach kids family values and independence by letting them help with chores around the house.  Some can be done every day and others on a weekly basis.  Teach them how to use different appliances under supervision.
  3. Eating together: This is a great way to catch up on the day’s events.  If not breakfast, at least eat dinner together.  Use this time to update yourself with their activities and studies.  Keep the topics light and be approachable.  Do not lecture or scold them.  Kids like to know they are safe and cared for.
  4. Family values:  Tell your kids what you learned from your parents. Funny stories and anecdotes will help to get important family values across.  Teach children how to share, be honest and also about forgiveness and integrity. 
  5. Hobbies and activities:  One easy way to build strong bonds is to do fun things together.  Find out what each one likes to do.  Playing tennis or going on a bike ride are good ways to stay fit and healthy.  Reading or listening to music is great too.
  6. Being supportive: Children need to know that their parents care – keep track of their grades and celebrate milestones.  Sending an email or a card will make a big difference.
  7. Importance of me-time:  As a busy parent, it is very important to take time to recharge.  Let kids know it is okay them to do so too.  Encourage it so that they spend time alone and get in touch with their thoughts and feelings.
  8. Volunteering:  This is another way to teach a child to give back to the community.  Let them learn about what happens in the community and reach out with compassion.
  9. Spouse dates: It is important for parents to take time off to be alone.  Hire a baby sitter and get out for some fun.  Maybe a movie, meeting up with friends or even a meal on special occasions!
  10. Spending time with other families:  Bond with other families especially with those who have children of the same age.  This will teach them the importance of family friends.

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