Summer Activities and Ideas for Kids.

7 Interesting Summer Camp Activities For Kids

While summer is no different than any other season for adults, except for weather wise, children have a long holiday break during summer and need to be engaged in some activities.

Kids today spend most of their time online. And while being tech-savvy is important, they don’t seem to be spending as much time doing physical things. Which is why summer camps are a necessity; it’s a great chance for parents to get the kids away from those cell phones, laptops and tabs and get them to enjoy some different activities like swimming, hiking and so much more. What’s more, at summer camps children learn to be more self-sufficient and brush up on their social skills. They also get a chance to make new friends with other kids as well as with nature.

7 Summer Camp Activities That Are Amazing Fun

1. Remote-Controlled Cars

Have a remote controlled-car or two at your camp and along with the kids set up a dirt track. Make it interesting with obstacles and jumps.

2. Treasure Hunts

These are a lot of fun especially in the great outdoors. Give your child campers a list of natural objects to search for likerocks, twigs, feather, fruits, flowers etc. Having a prize at the end of the hunt should motivate the children to win!

3. Art

Divide the campers into pairs and tell them to create art using natural materials that they can find around the camp.

4. Cooking

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Teach children to cook something simple. This should include the preparation like gathering wood, lighting a fire, the actual cooking which includes some information on seasoning and cooking time and the post which is serving the food and washing up after. Yes the wood fire stove can cause everything to smell like burnt food and wood. Don’t worry. You can maybe just use AmbiPur Air Fresheners before starting to eat!

5. Make a Game

Divide the campers into groups of 3 or 4 and give each group about an hour to create their very own game. Once all the groups have completed making the games, all that’s left is to play them together!

6. Tent Pitching

Divide the campers into groups and through demonstration teach them to pitch their very own tents. What’s more, you can even ask them to decorate their tents with natural objects like leaves, rocks, flowers etc.

7. Star Gazing

You can carry all the material required to make a DIY Telescope and then teach the kids how to make their own telescopes. Once that’s done, teach them about the stars and constellations with the aid of their own telescopes.

The key to making summer activities for kids is by engaging their imaginations; so be as creative as you can!

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