Style Tips To Not Look Like A Tourist, But Like You Belong There!

If you have decided the destination it is time to find what to wear on holiday; read some tips of how you can avoid looking like a tourist on your holidays!

Going on holiday can cause all sorts of fashion dilemmas. It’s fun and exciting to be a tourist but you certainly don’t have to look like one.

Luggage space is limited and what you pack should be comfortable, versatile and able to withstand lengthy plane, train or car rides. With some thought and the right mix of wardrobe staples and accessories, you can avoid the touristy clothing clichés without sacrificing comfort. Blending in wherever you are has its advantages. So what do you wear to keep your tourist status under wraps?

Follow these seven rules to look your best and as if you belong:

1. Dress up a little more
Think of yourself as an ambassador for your home country. Present an image of style and grace. So skip the tracksuits and cargo shorts. Put your best self forward because, like it or not, first impressions are made based on how you look as well as how you behave. In countries reputed for their cultural snobbery or quirks, you might get a little better treatment if you’re not broadcasting that you’re a tourist.

2. Stick with neutral colors
Clothing will be in heavy rotation and get lots of use. You may not even get a chance to do a wash. Neutral grays, blacks and browns will hide dirt and allow you to blend in more with the locals. So leave behind the neon-colored camouflage pants. Reserve lively hues for scarves worn as accent pieces. Scarves are also light, easy to pack and double as nighttime wraps and beach or poolside sarongs. When traveling to the tropics or warm weather places, do some web research beforehand and check out photos of what the locals wear. Choose colors from your destination’s palette for T-shirts and tanks. Wear with neutral shorts, skirts and pants. You’ll fit right in with the cultural spirit.

3. Mix-and-match separates for day and night
A well-cut black jacket that doubles for day and evening is a traveling essential. It can be the centerpiece of every outfit. Combine with tailored pants or great-fitting dark-wash jeans, pair with good-quality long or short-sleeve T-shirts and dress up with a glitzy necklace. Bring a simple neutral dress. Wear with sandals on warm days or with tights and boots for cool evenings. Before packing, lay the items on your bed and have fun experimenting with combinations for all hours and occasions. Consider this rule: If you can’t wear an item at least three times, don’t bring it.


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4. No logo or brand T-shirts
While some logos can be cute, leave the voluminous sports jerseys, corporate brands, goofy slogans, sayings and graphics back home. These styles can look sloppy when appearing sharp and sophisticated is the goal. So why peg yourself as a tourist?

5. It’s all in the footwear
Traveling involves lots and lots of walking on varied surfaces—cobblestones, cracked sidewalks, dirt pathways and more. Unless your holiday’s at the beach, forgo the flip-flops—your feet will thank you—and invest in some stylish walking shoes. There are plenty of opportunities to find good-looking and comfortable ones, online and in specialty stores, which will protect your feet and complement your wardrobe. There’s no excuse to be clunking around in white, thick-tread trainers when you can grace your feet with a variety of cute boots, flats and heels made out of supportive and cushy materials.

6. Don’t you dare bring a fanny pack
Chunky appendages lashed to your backside or belly can bring down the level of any outfit. Just say “no.” Opt for a cross-body bag in a size that amply holds a few essentials like a map, camera or small water bottle. There is no need to cart around a monster tote or backpack, unless you’re actually backpacking in the mountains. Heaving around a large bag can be tiring and will encumber both style and movement.

7. Wear accessories to rev up your style
Think of neutral staples as your canvas and accessories as the paint to express your individuality. A statement necklace, chandelier earrings, a textured belt and a few well-chosen scarves can maximize your look and break up the monotony of your holiday wardrobe.

Now open yourself up to adventures and experiences usually reserved for locals. That’s a holiday worth dressing up for!
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