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Sew Fast, So Easy – Make a Cushion

3 quick, easy and inspiring projects that can be made over a weekend.

Tapestry Cushions
It’ s simply not possible to have too many cushions! They can instantly alter the style of a room as the seasons change, from blousy summer pinks and greens to subtle winter tweeds and checks, and they remain a relatively low-cost way of updating a look. These cushions are made with reclaimed tapestry fronts and pieces of vintage blanket on the back, so they can be enjoyed from all sides. Fire screens, pictures, chair seats and cushions were all made from tapestry panels in the past, and there is still a plentiful supply of these embroideries to reclaim and make into plump feather-filled furnishing accessories.

You will need:

  • tapestry panel
  • backing fabric
  • cushion inner
  • tape measure
  • pins
  • sewing thread
  • hand-sewing needle
  • ribbons (optional)

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To make

  1. The size of the cushion will be dictated by the tapestry panel. Choose a cushion inner that is about 2cm smaller all around than the panel. If you need to cut the tapestry, set your sewing machine to a tight zigzag stitch and zigzag along the inside of the cutting line before you cut, which will help to prevent the stitching from un-ravelling.
  2. For the back of the cushion, choose a wool fabric that complements the tapestry. A piece of unblemished and non-holey fabric from an old blanket or tweed coat, or any thick linen is perfect. Cut the backing to the same size as the tapestry panel.
  3. With right sides facing, pin the fabrics together. Set your sewing machine to a small, straight stitch and sew around three sides of the cover. Turn the cover right side out and stuff with the cushion inner.
  4. Hand sew the open side closed using slip stitch. Alternatively, you can turn in and hem the edges and sew a couple of ribbons to each side of the opening to tie the cushion closed.
sew-fast-so-easy Tapestry cushions

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