Romantic ideas on a budget

Romantic Ideas on a Budget

Ways to spend quality time with your loved one without having to splash the cash.

We might not have the money to whisk our loved ones off to Paris or have dinner at a posh hotel, but we can still have romance…

  1. Take the morning off work
    You might relax together as a family at weekends, but every now and then it’s worth squeezing in half a day when it’s just you and your partner. Drop the kids at school then head for a favourite café with the newspapers, or go for a walk together.
  2. Recreate romance with nostalgia
    Print off a few photos and create a little homemade book of your trips together that reflect your time together (early dates, first holidays, your wedding and family holiday snaps). If you can, write in the dates the pictures were taken – it always brings back lovely memories.
  3. Our songs CD
    Create a playlist of songs that you both love, especially ones that remind you of favourite times. Make a CD case out of a cute old Valentine’s card.If you’re driving, create a playlist with his/her favourite music and surprise them with the thought.
  4. Go on a ‘mystery trail’ date
    Arrange a babysitter for two different nights and then you both have to come up with a surprise date for the other one, including perhaps a set of clues to find in different places that eventually lead to where you are going to meet.
  5. Plant a tree
    Treat yourselves to a new garden shrub or even a small tree. Go to the garden centre and choose it together, then spend time planting it together. It’s a simple way to celebrate your relationship and it will grow for you both to continue to enjoy.

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Create a personal moment
You’d be amazed how little details can make a difference. Find out what your other half’s birthstone is and buy a small inexpensive trinket made with the stone, or fill the house with balloons in his or her favourite colour – something silly but personal to you both.

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