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Quick And Easy Craft Ideas For Kids

How do your kids spend their free time? Watching TV? Playing way too many video games? Change it by doing fun things with them.

“I am bored!” A familiar anthem from your kids?  Rather than plonk them in front of the television or iPad, you can engage them in craft ideas for home décor to fulfil their creative potential. 

Craft projects are a wonderful way to help your child sharpen motor skills.  You can actually encourage them to learn concepts like measuring and abstract thinking.  The Internet is a great resource for ideas and instructions.  Buy your supplies like clay, paper, fabric, scissors and beads in advance.


Simple and easy ideas

  • Use junk mail to create decorative collages.
  • Cardboard boxes can be turned into decorative containers to hold things.
  • Ever use play dough to create artistic centrepieces?
  • Clear plastic sheets and tissue paper in different colours make great sun catchers.
  • Have old socks handy? Use these to make puppets.  What a great prop for telling stories at bedtime.
  • Origami and paper cutting are great ways to make decorations for the home.  Many of these designs can be used for painting too.
  • How about using flowers, branches and leaves to create small floral pieces?
  • Umbrellas can be used to create tents which can be turned into a play are in the kids’ room. 
  • This project falls into the messy category but offers really cool results.  Line up crayons on a sheet of paper and use a hot blow dryer to create cool designs.  Keep a newspaper to catch the drips. 
  • Unused discs can be wrapped in cellophane paper of personal photos for interesting memorabilia.
  • Take an empty egg shell, put some dirt in it.  Plant a few seeds and watch them grow.
  • Use permanent markers on plain white sheets of cloth and create your very own tie-dye design. Remember Angelina Jolie’s bridal gown?
  • Use paint markers on dinnerware for personalized designs.
  • Paint on glass bulbs or bulb streamers to make colourful party lights.
  • Embellish leaves collected on a walk with metallic markers.



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Tips for parents:

  • Have a designated area in the house for boxes with craft items.  This will keep the rest of the house clean and clutter-free.
  • Encourage their interests instead of forcing them into projects.  Reward and praise help.
  • Starting simple always helps.  For instance, take slices of vegetables to teach them about shapes. These shapes can then be eaten, or dipped in water paint and stamped on paper to create interesting designs.   
  • Have a plentiful supply of colour pencils, crayons and markers for decorating projects.
  • Call their friends over so that they can do projects together.

These are just a few ideas.  Let your children use their imagination to learn new things, create and cultivate hobbies.  By introducing craft ideas to kids, you encourage their passion for learning.

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