8 projects to keep kids busy: Shiny stars

Projects to keep kids busy: Shiny stars

Get the kids cracking on these shiny silver stars. Easy and fun to make, you’ll have loads of twinkle on hand to decorate windows, balustrades, doors, and of course, the tree.

You will need

  • star template
  • glue stick
  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • newspaper
  • tinfoil
  • a thick nail
  • silver cord

To make shiny stars


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  1. Cut out the star template, glue it to the cardboard and cut it out.
  2. Using the cardboard star as a stencil, cut out more stars from the cardboard.
  3. Place the first star on a piece of newspaper and apply glue to the whole of one side.
  4. Tear off a piece of tinfoil big enough to cover the star and stick it to the star with the shiny side up.
  5. Snip away the excess foil, but leave a border all round and fold it around the back of the star.
  6. Apply more glue to the back of the star and stick down another piece of foil. Neatly trim away the excess foil.
  7. Use a nail to make a hole in one of the star’s points, thread through a piece of silver cord and hang on your tree. Repeat with other stars.

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