DIY Hanger for Christmas Decorations @ Reward Me

DIY Home Decor Projects To Keep Kids Busy This Christmas

The perfect way for your kids to get the hang of DIY Christmas decorations.

You will need

  • wire hanger
  • white spray paint
  • paintbrush
  • white PVA paint
  • decorations (for example, pine cones and old Christmas decorations)
  • crystal beads
  • thin white organza ribbon
  • cord

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To make hanging decorations

  1. Spray the hanger with white spray paint and leave to dry.
  2. Use the white PVA paint to paint all the decorations.
  3. Thread a few beads on different lengths of organza ribbon – one for each decoration. Attach the decorations to the ribbon with a piece of cord.
  4. Attach the ribbons to the hanger and hang in front of a window or on a doorframe, for example.

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